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Best Physics Teacher For IIT JEE

Best Physics Teacher For IIT Jee in Delhi

Get The Best Physics teacher for IIT Jee in Delhi. Learn from Jha sir, The very Basic to advance level of Physics in Delhi. The saga of the Sucess of the students in Jha physics academy makes it the best coaching institute in Delhi for Physics. Whether it is the preparation for JEE exams or medicals, Physics happens to be one of the most important subjects carrying equal weightage along with Chemistry. Most students score well in Physics in 9 th and 10 th grade assuming that their Physics is quite strong, which is NOT true thereafter. In addition, the thought of actually learning Physics in 11 th and 12 th grade may sometime feel like falling into a gyre with no escape. This is because, any entrance exam, whether engineering or medical, the pattern and level of Physics is too much different
from the Boards exam, but not tough at all.


Our Mission

We are inspired from the inspiration of the students who aspire to dream big. Moreover, what can be better goal for a science student than to achieve a seat in THE top- notch institutes of engineering and medicals.


Our Vision

So, we offer an exhaustive range of lectures, exercises, and solutions in our course to help students enjoy the core of the subject turning their back on their subject phobia. Our motive is to shift your focus from the problems to the solutions. The courses range from classroom programs to programs that can be taken digitally with multiple teaching techniques.

Physics Coaching For IIT Jee in Delhi

Experts In Every Topic

We offer different types of courses, which caters the need of various types of students. Besides joint entrances, we also offer foundation courses for the diverse boards’ examinations, including CBSE, ISC, and State Boards. Our course work and curriculum are specially curated by IIT and AIIMS alumni who had been into the same shoe. We comprise of an extremely promising faculty who are available for the students at any hour of the day through various modes of communication beyond classroom lectures.

Individual Topics

College Prepration

Study Skills

Test Preparation for IIT Jee

11th and 12th Board Syllabus

Maximum barch of 10 students

One on one training is also available

We have been devised for fulfilling the students’ aspirations of slaying the IIT JEE and NEET and are looking for expert support and to guarantee success. We also provide a great platform for aspirants looking for a direct nationwide comparison with their competition. Our ONLY initiative is to make physics more understandable and fun learning in a creative way.

1. Conceptual Teaching.
2. Follow NCERT and CBSE Methodology.
3. Topic Wise Learning.
4. Interactive Lectures.
5. Sample Paper Solving.
6. Weekly Comprehensive Assessments.
7. Rewards to the Top Scorers in any form.
8. JEE/ NEET Old Question Paper solving.

Let’s Physics Together!

Physics is concerned with the basic systematic study of all domains of life. Briefly, Physics is a relentless adventure of complete understanding of the relationships of the whole of our known yet unknown experiences.

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